in this book i’m reading it says “he plucked a flower and stuck it in his buttonhole” and i completely misread it and now im laughing im actually 5 years old

i misread this too


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Zodiac Files: Scorpio are really….


Also, sorry for spamming this so much, just… SO MUCH TRUTH!!


Zodiac Files: Scorpio and their social skills.

Maybe that’s why I got ADHD… Or it’s just a part of it all… IDK!


Scorpio zodiac facts.

Touch my mac without my permission and see where your arms end up…


Zodiac Scorpio facts.

You should just have known what I got up my sleeves…


[REPOST] — Zodiac Scorpio facts: When Scorpio decided they want to study something or someone, they can become very wrapped in it, trying to find out every detail and studying it in a very intense way.

I’ve lost quite a lot of appointments like this… I must say I’m sorry if I’ve ever done that to anyone, just how I am


Scorpio after an argument = Silent treatment becomes their friend, as they like to keep you guessing about what they’re thinking; May want to show remorse but can be hesitant

Rather true.. If you have done me wrong you better be ready to have me silently staring you down, cause you should know yourself what you did wrong


Scorpio has the worst time coping with = those who betray their trust, heartbreak and setbacks that limit their potential


Zodiac Scorpio facts — There’s something about the darker side of life that fascinates Scorpio. They don’t mind digging into things others might find scary or undesirable.

I just want to know what makes people how they are… Maybe I should tone it down a bit?


In a relationship, I tend to get scared if my partner isn’t giving me the attention I’m use to. True or False?

Freaks me the fuck out!!!
It’s one of the ways I know there’s something wrong